Passion tile

We have been living our passion for ceramic tiles for over 100 years. Ceramic tiles that last a lifetime and make living, utility and working spaces more beautiful, practical and hygienic.

We offer products that enable people to create spaces according to their individual needs and possibilities, where they feel at home and comfortable forever.

That’s what we do best, and that’s how we inspire ourselves and our customers – then, now and in the future.

We want to bring the variety and beauty of surfaces to ceramic tiles. We want to produce in an ecologically sustainable manner and supply products that meet the highest standards and, by means of their aesthetics, contribute to turning living and working areas into spaces of experience.


Eagerly awaiting. Over forty minutes. Sometimes even more than an hour. And then the moment when the new pattern emerges from the tunnel kiln into the light. With white gloves carefully, like a freshly baked cake, taken from the roller belt. The first appraisal.
Was it worth the work? Does the stamp, the design, the gloss channel, the effects fit? The tile is held appreciatively against the light, touched, carried into the daylight, turned and turned over.

When you see a satisfied smile flit across your colleagues’ lips, you can begin to understand the enthusiasm with which they have worked towards this moment. To develop and manufacture a product that will almost certainly last a lifetime.

The tile.