Obsession for detail and absolute precision in creating extraordinary designs combined with the highest ceramic skills and untamed passion for the product. From this essence exclusive concept series of the brand Meisterwerk by BOIZENBURG FLIESEN are created.

New standards for ceramic concepts from Germany.

The „masterpiece“ condenses over 100 years of knowledge of tile craftsmen and women from the city on the Elbe.
Absolute attention to detail and extreme care in the selection of finishes and colors. Enthusiasm in creating extraordinary designs combined with the highest ceramic skills and an untamed passion for the product and its application. This essence gives rise to „Meisterwerk by Boizenburg Fliesen“, whose first concept series is the PURE BALANCE series.


The little nuance more makes it in the end. The detail determines the impression and effect on the viewer, listener or spectator. Music, painting, sculpture, craftsmanship in all its manifestations, but also science and design bring it to masterpieces. The idea, the concept and the perfect, passionate and uncompromising implementation turns works into masterpieces.

What a challenge and what fun. The next quantum leap for BOIZENBURG Tiles. This has never happened before in over 100 years.

Jörn Grospitz, Chief of product development

We reinvent ourselves every day. We are a startup, despite over 100 years of history. BOIZENBURG FLIESEN must be seen in this way and no other.

Michael Pander, Director Business Development

If you consciously think about the process of adding value to the production of tiles, you can see the knowledge and skill of the employees here at the plant.

David Young, Export Business Director