We are currently revising our concept.

To protect our customers and employees from further spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are committed to adhering to the following infection control principles and hygiene rules.

Our contact for infection and hygiene protection

Name: Claudia Brusch

Tel. / E-mail: 038847 22103,

In possible pandemic scenarios, employees comply with the safety measures prescribed by the state and the company on their own responsibility.

In rooms, ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people In cases of doubt where the minimum distance cannot be safely maintained, we provide mouth-to-nose coverings. We keep people with respiratory symptoms (unless they have been cleared by a doctor, e.g. a cold) away from the company premises. In suspected cases (e.g., fever), we use a set procedure for clarification.

Measures to ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 m

  • Instruction of the workforce by means of notices and information by the department managers/shift supervisors.
  • Colleagues are also required to point this out to each other and on their own responsibility.

Action instructions for suspected cases

  • Immediately leave the premises and seek medical attention; this also applies to persons in closer contact.

Hand hygiene

  • Please use disinfection stations in each department and at the washrooms or restrooms.
  • In case of absence and / or consumption, please notify contact person

Control and regulation of employee and customer traffic

  • Documentation at reception of name, contact and telephone number, as well as arrival and departure times through digital time recording.
  • Customers enter through separate entrance factory outlet. Employees and customers maintain the necessary minimum distance.

Workplace design and home office

  • Workplaces and meeting rooms are set up in such a way that the necessary minimum distance can be maintained.
  • In areas where this is impossible, home office arrangements are made for some of the workforce.

Business trips and meetings

  • Reduction of business trips and attendance events to a minimum
  • Provision of technical alternatives such as telephone or video conferences
  • In the case of absolutely necessary face-to-face events, ensuring sufficient distance between participants

Organization of working hours and breaks

  • Plant management: reduce occupancy of work areas and shared facilities by taking measures to equalize time when necessary.
  • Shift supervisors: assign the same people to common shifts, if possible.
  • Workforce: Please avoid close encounters of several employees at the beginning and end of working hours (time recording).

Access of external persons to workplaces and company premises

  • Access by persons outside the company is kept to a minimum wherever possible.
  • Contact details of persons outside the company when entering/leaving the company premises are to be documented
  • Informing non-facility personnel about the measures currently in place at the facility regarding infection control against SARS-CoV2. (Oral, notice board and website)

Sanitary rooms, canteens and break rooms

  • Independently ensure adequate clearance in break rooms.
  • Use of disposable towels

Status August 2020